Thursday, August 06, 2009

One of my partners at MakerBot, Adam Mayer has been working non-stop on improving the firmware used to drive the 3rd generation electronics for both RepRap and MakerBot machines. New version was released yesterday:

Hey, intrepid Makerbotters! The v1.2 release of the generation 3 firmware is now available on SourceForge. This release features bugfixes and enhancements to the firmware on the both the motherboard and the extruder. You can download it here. Be sure to check the Readme.txt for installation hints! The changelog is after the cut.

There are small updates to both the firmware on the motherboard and the extruder controller. Some of the changes– like the eeprom configuration stuff– won’t be useful until ReplicatorG 0006 comes out in a day or so, but if you’re willing to experiment, I encourage folks to try out the new version, and file lots of bug reports. :)

Changes from v1.1:

* Readme.txt and Changelog.txt introduced.
* Introduction of circular buffer cursors, allowing us to easily abort processing of a command.
* Reduced blocking waits, reducing the chance of build burps.
* Added support for storing per-machine configuration data in the EEPROM.
* Support for inverting individual axes via EEPROM configuration bits.
* Better support for aborting and pausing builds.
* Stops extruder on abort.

Good luck!

(via MakerBot Blog)

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