Thursday, July 09, 2009


RepRap Main Website Outage - Updated

Looks like we're up again, but the changes may take some time to filter through the interwebs so I'll leave the original alert in place.


For reasons unproven, our web server has keeled over. Brave technical wizards are hard at work pumping backups through the thin tubes of the international internet. Resurrection will be attempted. Meanwhile: contains a temporary old site.

The pages everyone on reddit is trying to look at are cached here (sadly without pictures and frame formatting like there is on the site link above):

Google Cache:

And the video is on on vimeo here:

The voting page for the Sourceforge Community Choice Award is:

There is also an IRC #reprap channel on

Vik :v)

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Sorry about the outage, I've updated the RepRap team on who to contact regarding any hosting problems.
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