Friday, May 15, 2009


Some notes on the way to an easy-to-make pinchwheel extruder

In which your narrator experiments with ways to make Nophead's GM-17/tin can stepper hack pinchwheel extruder without a lathe... do you want to read more?

Hi Forest I realy liked Adrians no lathe method as detailed here :-

I must confess to having gone off and bought a small £165 lathe compared to my spend on RepRap so far its not such a big expence.

Details here:-
"Hi Forest I realy liked Adrians no lathe method as detailed here :-"

Yup, so did I. Cutting on bolt threads goes easily enough that I didn't need Adrian's hinge device to do the job, though, even with my utter lack of fine motor control. :-D
That is a REALLY nice positioning stage you got. I've been sorely tempted to buy one of those Seig lathes, too, except that I dread paying for all of the extra bits that it takes to make one really useful. :-(

I keep having to tell myself, however, that if I have tools like that the need for them will start appearing in my designs which, for me, is a bad thing because I want my designs to be possible to build without such tools.
Yes I did spent a little bit on extra bits.
C0 Tailstock Chuck £9.95
C0 Compound Slide & Tool Post £25
6mm Spare HSS Tool bits 6x6x60mm (2pc Set) £9.50
That comes under the bits and bobs heading. Along side the 3 4.2A micro stepping controllers for the Big bertha project. They were all at show prices thou ;-) They guy serving me said "I wish I could spend money like that in front of my girlfriend" I said I’m ok she is an Engineer too.
You must remember I now have nearly 4 repstrap machines dotted litraly around Midges house without a working extruder. While we both are resting. I need some thing to fill my time can you imagine the design discussions we have over every thing.
When we move to my house the Solar powerd workshop will have a dividing wall. ;-)
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