Monday, May 18, 2009


Fun Night at MakerBot

We've been really busy with MakerBot trying to keep up with orders and such, but sometimes we like to have fun too. Our friends Marius and Phillip from metalab in Austria are visiting for the month and they have been printing cool things ever since they got here.

Here's the video... you should definitely watch it because it's hilarious:

lol, sweet! Do you have the stl for the head on thingiverse? Keep up the good work guys!
If anyone is interested, I’ve put the python script which generates the song in G-Code here:
Hilarious indeed!

It sounds familiar, too :) A while back me and Mr. Seeker did the terminator tune and the Imperial March, and the Metric March as a bonus (which is faster by a factor of 2.54). / The self-replicating machine makes music
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