Thursday, April 09, 2009


RepRap hits Parliament

A few weeks ago it was the final round of the "Science Engineering and Technology for Britain" awards. I was there waving the RepRap flag, and it just so happened to be held in the British houses of parliament! I got to tell a lot of MPs about our work and reactions were as brilliant as usual. Here's my poster...

and here's a really terrible shot of me after too long at the free bar, with an MP from north Wales.

I didn't win (obviously... did I say there was a free bar?) but it was very interesting to delve so physically into the political structure of my country. (What I saw restored a lot of my faith in our society... it may not be perfect sometimes, sometimes a long way off, but people are genuinely trying spectacularly hard to make it better – that alone seems to me to be a wonderful thing about being a human).

Wish they'd try here. :-p
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