Sunday, March 29, 2009


Wedgewood Update - Z axis in place, X begins

Here's Wedgewood with the Z axis components (minus the actual coupling for the X axis) in place and supporting the aluminium T-section that will serve as the X axis slide. Tests conducted by twiddling the vertical shafts by hand suggest that there is no need for guide rails on the Z axis, so that simplifies construction a bit.

Also, note that I've trapped the nuts for the Z axis between slabs of MDF. Another quick construction technique.

So far, all of the bits can either be reprapped or made from MDF and epoxy or CAPA.

Vik :v)

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Wow that's really coming along! I'll have my version build up a bit better hopefully by Wednesday and I'll dump it on the Makers Blog if I can.
She's a babe! Nice one Vik. So good to see the principle proving. We need to talk on carriage designs. There's a whole design philosophy on that can of worms.

Can't wait to see these things moving!!!
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