Monday, March 23, 2009


RRRF Prototyping Service Launched!

As part of the current RRRF transformation, I'm happy to officially announce what has been long-standing RRRF tradition. We are now opening up our prototyping services to the community and spelling out exactly what things we can do (PCB fab, lasercutting, 3D printing, etc) and how you can go about using us to help you make RepRap better.

Anyway, you can read all about it over on the RRRF info page. Essentially, we're can help RepRap developers improve the RepRap project by covering the costs and doing the gruntwork on getting PCBs made, prototypes lasercut, parts machined, etc, etc. We hope that providing this service to the community will help spur more rapid development of the various technologies associated with RepRap.

Zach Hoeken
Director, RRRF

That will be a very usefull service It will speed up the development cycle time of many new inovations in the RepRap comunity.
The only thing tha might happen is the need for a waiting list after a very short time of starting the service.
I found conductive glue can you guys make circuit boards? how about drilling or cnc work on aluminum?
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