Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sanguino Software v1.4 Release

Marius Kintel has been doing some excellent hacking and updating of the Sanguino code. This guys is a rockstar, and I just have to give him props for his help. Sometimes I have a bad tendency of starting projects and not tending to them as I should (sorry!!!!) This release is pretty much 100% him, oh wait... it is all him. He fixed some bugs with the serial stuff, and just generally made it awesome.

Hip hip hooray!

You can download the new software from Google Code.

EDIT: test *before* releasing... ;) removed stale files. all 2 of you, please re-download.

Hi Zach, Marius,

Nice to see progress. I'd been meaning to make the switch to the sanguino which I had parts for. About 3 months of dust were on the parts already. Time to pick up the soldering iron...

I re-downloaded, and so did about 50 people, it seems. There's a serous amount of people paying attention!

I've made a Stripboard version of an SD daughtercard for the sanguino.. I've documented the process on my blog. I hope it's helpful!


I noticed there is bootloader support for an ATmega324P in this release. However it's going to take a lot more work to actually use that micro. I have a working implementation if anyone needs the code contact me at soundanalogous [at] gmail

I would need to update for the 1.4 release 1st.

How does one update to 1.4 when the 1.3 software has already been installed in arduino-0013?
i try to build ATmegaBOOT.c for Atmega644p. I use avr-gcc 4.3.3 and avr-libc-1.6.4. But after build i see ATmegaBOOT_644P.hex 6331 bytes (not a 5369). Can you say more about your compiler and library version ?
Thanks in advance
Downloaded your software and it works great! I can't get avrdude to work and I can't upload files using the arduino IDE though. I found another bootloader, however, and wrote a front end for it. The toolchain isn't as seamless (I now have to launch my bootloader software after building), but otherwise it works great! I haven't tested all the libraries but I do plan on testing 2Wire and trying to get some LCD stuff going. Thanks again!
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