Tuesday, February 03, 2009


RepRap in Madrid

RepRap (or a subset thereof: Zach and Adrian) has come to the Medialab-Prado in Madrid. Zach is running a build-a-RepRap workshop over the space of a couple of weeks, and Adrian is getting in the way, and giving a talk this evening.

One experiment we did was enabled by Adrian's bringing 3mm PLA with him (the in-flight baggage checkers didn't like it, but let it on...). So here is Zach's pinch-wheel extruder running PLA for the first time. This was important to try, as we knew it worked with ABS, but PLA is much harder (that is, more difficult to pinch). It runs just fine, though interestingly the mix that occured with the molten ABS already in there when we were purging it seemed very stiff.

And finally, nothing to do with RepRap, but some extreme gardeners extreme gardening just down the street...

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I really LOVE the extreme gardening! :-D
Hi everyone! Well I'm in Madrid and I'm part of a comunity that runs the first Rep Rap project in Spain.


Well we are stucked with the running of some parts and every help are very welcomed. In addition we are plastic thirsty, I mean we need plastic wire. So I don't have any contact of the guy in Madrid and I liked for arrange and appoinment. I promise to pay the beers
Umm, my contact makintus(at)gmail.com

Mil Gracias
Damn, I wish I could be there.
I'm only 400km far from there.

I hope SOMEBODY records the event.
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