Wednesday, February 11, 2009


First thrust plate for a printable stepper motor milled

A quick test of the printable stepper thrust plate from Forrest Higgs on Vimeo.

In which your narrator turns plans into product... do you want to hear more?

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Where can we find the CAD files for this?
I've got some STL's that you're welcome to. You might want to wait till I've got a viable model running, however. :-)

This is just a first attempt. Is this something that you are wanting to get into? If so, I can make the VB app that draws the profile as a function of several parameters available to you.
Thanks, but I'll wait until you have that viable model running. I teach at a high school where we have a #D printer and I've been thinking about building a RepRap with my physics students. I'm not quite ready to get into anything; just browsing for now. Thanks.
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