Tuesday, January 20, 2009


HACDC RepRap Buildathon

This weekend, I'll be heading down to DC and leading the build portion of a RepRap workshop. If you're in the area, you should stop by! Its free!

Join the HacDC and and the Baltimore/Maryland RepRap User’s Group (RUG) for a weekend of RepRap fun! Save the weekend of January 24/25 for our RepRap Build-a-Thon. Initial plans include a range of activities, including hands-on group construction a RepRap Darwin from the ground up starting with laser-cut acrylic parts. We are also planning on having several local RepRap builders on hand with their machines, and hopefully able to demonstrate them in operation, making stuff!

More info on the HacDC website.

Almost immediately afterwards, I'll be hopping on a plane for Madrid to run a 3 week, intensive RepRap workshop with Medialab Prado as part of their Interactivos Garage Science project. If you're in Madrid, you can apply to be a collaborator. Also, our very own Adrian Bowyer will be giving a talk on how awesome digital fabrication is.


Great! Are there any specific plans yet?
yes, the HacDC organizers have a full schedule planned. They will probably post it later this week. they're really on top of things there.
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