Friday, January 16, 2009


After Darwin: Should Mendel be a specific 3D printer or a technology toolbox?

In which your narrator suspects that we are using the wrong model of evolution... Do you want to read more?

Some comments:

1. Electronics really should be mass produced; if PC's were hand built we would still be paying mini computer prices.

2. The item that is most difficult to produce is the extruder and that’s where people generally get hung up.

3. Print quality is still an iffy proposition, though I think the community is fairly close to a break though with "Roast-in-a-bag Duck...".

4. Darwin is a mechanical nightmare. Had I heard that it takes 100 hours to print new plastic parts for another machine I might not even started. There really needs to be a simpler design.

5. I like the idea of an API layers and the designation of RepRap compatible.

6. We should have operation “ReachOut” where we give our CNC brethren an easy way to use their machines as bots to drive extruder heads.

a. Use the new Sanguino mother board with a daughter card that plugs directly into X, Y and Z connectors and has switches and logic to convert the most common DB 25 pin outs for CNC machines as they have a fairly well defined standard.

b. They are generally more Z limited so the extruder design needs to extend to the side (maybe at a 45 degree angle) and simply be attached via a standard size cullet. Heck with the mass of their machines you have a built in heat sink.
Dang how do you edit a comment?

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"Roast-in-a-bag Duck...".

New Sanguino motherboard
You delete it and try again. :-p
Here's an interesting question/thought.

The Lamarkian genetic/evolutionary model is a more accurate description of the process we have been following than the Mendelian genetic/evolutionary model.

Given this should the next machine actualy be called Lamark rather than Mendel ?????

BTW don't take this too seriously it is only a passing thought.
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