Thursday, January 22, 2009


3D printing on Facebook

Reprappers may care to know that there is a new Facebook page for the 3D printing community called SME Rapid Group. If you're on Facebook, why not join?

There's also the Rapid Prototyping Electronic Mailing List at that you can join too. That's been around for a while.

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I tried linking to the group and got zip. Doing a search of facebook for the name of the group also got me zip.

The SME has forums for such a group, but it doesn't appear to have aything to do with facebook.

Do you have a more specific link, Adrian?
I was about to begin creating a reprap group for my home city. My mailing list has gotten to 6 people and it's getting unwieldy for info exchange.
More specific link: fraid not; I got the info from the rp-ml mailing list. That was it.
There actually is a RepRap group on Facebook.

Yes - I know about the RepRap group on Facebook. I just thought we might get out among the industrialists too...
Thanks for the link, Joost! It's apparently something Simon set up. Lots of members. I just joined.
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I just joined face book then the groups RepRap and SME RAPID. It is there as a group not as a network. I originaly searched for a network too.
Here is the link for SME Rapid on Facebook:

It is a group and can be searched on Facebook by typing SME Rapid in the search tool and then selecting the group tab.
Below is the link to the SME Rapid group on facebook. This group can be found by searching "SME Rapid" and selecting the group tab. Should pop up as number 1 on the list.
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