Thursday, December 04, 2008


Solid Model files for Darwin's Cartesian Bot

The latest release of the Cartesian Bot files (1.0.6) are now available on SourceForge. This release includes assembly and part models in STEP and SolidEdge (v19, Academic Licence) formats, as well as the STL files.

cool! is there a changelog anywhere
Yep, all in the readme.

Anyone got a set of AOI part files I can have for a future release?
Thanks tons Ed! Any chance you could post a set of STEP files of the extruder 1.03 parts? I'm currently in CAD hell, trying to make some changes to the screw holder STL file, and just can't seem to do it with the existing open source tools and STL files.
I was trying to download a copy of the step files but was only getting a zip with dxf and stl's.

Would it be possible for someone to email me when the step files are online or send them directly to me?

Many thanks,
Dale contains .stp files in the Assemblies-and-parts/Printed-parts directory, which are the STEP files.
Well that has to be the miss click of the week for me.
Thanks for reminding me to pay attention :P
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