Monday, November 24, 2008


Chemically grinding ABS scrap

It appears that acetone can be used to reduce ABS scrap to a fine powder for reprocessing into new filament... do you want to know more?

Dear Sir,
My name is Mahmoud,I'm from Egypt,I'm student in baclori stage of "Benha Higher Institute Of Technology",and I want to build an machine of RP (FDM).

But I have a problem about the extruder part,so I'm asking your help about the extruder part( how to build it?, what I need to know build it).

I hope this mail can have some of your care

thank you

Here is the section on the extruder. It is pretty extensive.

You can either buy a kid of the parts or make them yourself. Extruders have been made out of all sorts of materials. About the only part that can be a bit difficult to obtain is the PTFE thermal break.

If that isn't helpful, tell me a bit more explicitly what it is that you need.

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