Friday, November 28, 2008


Award for RepRap?

Do you think RepRap should get an award? (I do, but then - I'm biased :-))

I just got the following e-mail:

"The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is now accepting nominations
for its RTAM Industry Achievement Award. If you know of someone that has
done fantastic work in the additive manufacturing (RP) industry, please
visit for details on submitting nominations.

"Nominations will be accepted through January 31st, 2009, and the award will
be presented at the RAPID conference on May 12, 2009 (Schaumberg, Illinois)."

And we wouldn't dream of nominating ourselves, of course...


Naah, we'd never do anything like that. Want me to find somebody to do it for us? :-D
That was rather the point of the blog post :-)
Ok. :-p
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