Friday, October 17, 2008


Sanguino Software v1.3 Release

I'm happy to release the v1.3 of the Sanguino software. This is a compatibility update for the Sanguino. I've fixed some minor compatibility issues with some of the core Arduino libraries.

I've tested and fixed the following libraries:

* LiquidCrystal - for controlling LCD displays
* Servo - for controlling servo motors

I've fixed, but not tested the following libraries (need circuits to test on):

* Wire - for talking i2c to various things
* Ethernet - for doing ethernet communication

Anyway, you can download it from SourceForge or check out the Sanguino homepage.


Which version(s) of the arduino S/W does Sang1.3 work with? (Suggest you put that info with the code download.) I'm @arduino 011, and seem to recall some folks having problems with sanguino with 012

-- Larry
ursine at gmail d0t c0m
this is designed to work with the latest version of arduino (0012)

i will try my best to keep it all up to date with the latest arduino as well as stay compatible with whatever new stuff comes out.
I am using the Sanguino for a project that needed additional resources. I could not get it to compile with the 1.3 software and 0012 Arduino code. After pulling out some hair and using google, I needed to add the following #includes before I called any other libraries (Wire.h, OneWire.h, etc.):

#include stdlib.h
#include math.h
#include WConstants.h

Hopefully this will help out. BTW, the blog will not let me post greater / less then symbols around the header files...


hmm. sorry about the problems jeff. i'll definitely look into this tonight on a fresh install of 0012.

what OS are you using?
Hi Zach, I've been uploading some code to my sanguino, looks like the latest release force me to unplug an plug once I upload code, if I don't arduino prompts a message of error...
Noticed that the servo code was busted in the code I downloaded last week, it was a simple enough fix since the timer registers were the same as the 168 if the arduino folk were thinking they would make the more common registers the default. Will download and test the new as I have time.
Nice Work!

I am using Win XP. BTW, awesome job on the Sanguino!

How to set the AREF to 1.1V?
from datasheet the chip have selectable AREF (1.1V,2.56V,AVCC)

"analogReference(INTERNAL)" give 2.56V
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in wiring.h
change #define INTERNAL 3
to #define INTERNAL 2

for AREF 2.56V
add #define INTERNAL2 3

so for..
1.1V --> analogReference(INTERNAL)
2.56V --> analogReference(INTERNAL2)
if you dig a bit deeper to where those defines are actually used, you'll find the actual registers used. what this means is that its easy to change it at run-time in your actual sketch without digging into the Arduino source files.
I really am enjoying the extra features of my bare bones Sanguino. I first started using it with version 12 of the Arduino IDE per the instructions. However when version 13 was released I went ahead and made the same changes to it to see if it would work. So far it has been OK I think but looking forward to seeing if there are any official procedure changes or files needing updating for version 13.

I do have two questions.
#1. There seems to be a 4-5 second relay from either a power up reset or a manual reset or a auto-reset after uploading a new sketch caused by the bootloader. Even thought the DTR auto-reset funtions it still seems like the bootloader always waits 4-5 seconds to start up a sketch, is this normal?

2. When I upload a new sketch, it usuallys fails 50% of the time. Sometimes I may get 3 uploads in a row to work and other times 3 in a row will fail. I have used both a USB serial convertor module and a RS-232 com port to TTL convertor and both act the same. Is this normal?

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