Wednesday, October 08, 2008


New Board: Arduino Breakout Shield v1.4

I sent a new board off to the fab today. This one is an incremental improvement on the super useful Arduino Breakout Shield v1.3. Here are the major things that have changed:

* 4th row of GND / 5V terminals re-arranged to avoid shorting out on USB connector
* added 2nd row of arduino-spaced headers to allow shield stacking
* re-arranged reset / power led
* made board square
* added mounting holes!
* tweaked silkscreen

I think with these tweaks, this board will be pretty awesome. I'm excited to get them back.

Source files posted to SourceForge, and are also available in subversion as usual. Documentation will be posted to the wiki as soon as i have boards in hand to document.

Hi Zach,

Will it be possible to stack a 1.2 breakout on top of a 1.4? I don't need to do either at the minute, but backwards compatibility in this sense would be cool...

yes it actually would be possible. the hard part would be that the lower shield's screw terminals would be hard to access with a screwdriver.
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