Saturday, October 25, 2008


Multimode Host Software

I have been working on the Java RepRap host software. The latest version ( allows you to:

The next step is to put a simple GCode interpreter in there that will allow the final combination: sending a GCode file to be printed on a SNAP RepRap. Also, before doing a release, I need to do a bit more testing (so far I have tested the Sanguino stuff but not the Arduino, for example, as my home machine is Sanguino). I also need to get the progress indicator working with the print-from-GCode-file option; it works with all the others.

The transmission using GCodes is buffered through a separate thread which makes it pretty smooth. This works particularly nicely with GCodes stored in a file (as with Zach's ReplicatorG), and gives good-quality builds. As soon as I've got something more interesting than a cube, I'll post it.

I've had to change a few preferences values - see

Finally, you'll see that there is a greyed-out button for "Load RFO". This is the format that Zach proposed along with the Fab@Home guys for multiple-material builds (see Watch this space...

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Great stuff, Adriaan. It's getting smoother by the day. :-)
Things look to be comming on a pace.

I am currently looking into the G-Code for driving the touch probe toolhead.

What standard (if any) are we writing for ??

G-Code appears to be one of those very unstandard standards........
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