Sunday, October 19, 2008


Lasercut RepRap Available in Australasia & US

At long last, I have got the lasercut RepRap kit online, available now from Ponoko here. Cost of the lasercut components is approximately US$380 plus shipping, and it is compatible with the electronics kits and motors sold by the RepRap Research Foundation. As you can see from the photo on the right of the X axis assembly, it uses ball-chain instead of 2.5mm timing belt. What you can't see is that it also has an option for using lasercut bearing races instead of skater bearings. That worked really quite well.

I've bearly started the instructions here. The instructions on the BitsFromBytes page are generally applicable and will fill most of the gaps, though the Ponoko variant does use more laminated parts to avoid having to use routing. I recommend using all clear acrylic as it is much easier to see through the parts and see what you're doing!

I have also started acquiring Australiasian suppliers for PTFE rod, PLA filament, fine nichrome wire and stepper motors with a view to making a complete electronics kit available from local sources.

Hopefully we can redress the balance and get a few more RepRaps going in the Southern hemisphere!

Vik :v)

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Looking GOOD, Vik! Congratulations on getting that one out the door. :-D
Excellent, I have wanted to build one for a while but the cost has been a major road block. This makes it much more accessible. I will order the Lasercut parts and as soon as you have local suppliers for the other components I will place an order.
OK adriaan, I'll post a subtle notice on the blog.

For those having difficulty selecting the materials, I've updated the EPS file descriptions to tell you what to use.

Vik :v)
You are our hero vik!
Hmmm.... I wonder if the thickness is part of the design. If not, then waterjet cutting of metal would produce stronger and stiffer parts.

Make a better repstrap, but a worse reprap.
I have asked a waterjet company to quote. As with about 90% of companies asked to quote these days, they did not deign to reply.

Vik :v)
A metal build would be pretty neat, but the shipping costs seem like they could be a problem there, if not portability in general.
Can't wait to order the lasercut parts.

Can you create a bill of materials of all of fixings, chains, etc that are required to assemble the lasercut Rep(st)rap?
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