Thursday, September 11, 2008


Stripboard Sanguino

I have been asked to blog pictures of my stripboard version of Zach's Sanguino. Here goes:

The cable top-right is the USB <-> TTL serial lead. The double-row 6-way connector top left is the ICSP connector, which you'll need to put the bootloader into the machine before you use the USB connection.

If you flip the board around a left-right axis in the middle of the above picture it looks like this:

If someone has time (unlike me... sorry) to do a proper set of stripboard connection diagrams that'd be really helpful.

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I must say that this whole Sanguino excursion that you are taking is becoming more and more puzzling to me as time goes on.

You've got a good compiler for the ATMel chips on the 8 bit level, apparently, which is a strong argument for staying with that line.

What I don't understand, however, is why you all are sticking with the UART ATMels when they offer good-looking native USB chips, albeit not in 40 pin DIP configuration.

What I twigged onto just now is that you are setting up your 40 pin chip for bootloading. If you're going to do that, and it's a great idea, imo, why on earth are you sticking with DIP? Why not go on to SOIC or QFN? Zach is already making boards for surface mount, so why not just go ahead and do one for the microcontroller and be done with it. You're not going to have to yank the chip for programming like I'm still doing, after all.

Colour me puzzled. :-s
It's simple: it's because it's so easy to move to from the Arduino.
Can you publish the pin allocations you are using with the Sanguino assuming you are changing the firmware to use a Sanguino.
Cool , thanks for the pics. I will doc up my version of this board

I'm in the process of finalising the pin allocations with Zach. As soon as we've done that we'll put them on a Google spreadsheet on the RepRap site. (They'll also be in a new Sanguino branch of the system firmware.)
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