Monday, September 15, 2008


Phoenix Gets A NEMA 17

While reassembling rrChild into Phoenix, I fitted it with a NEMA 17 motor from Lin Engineering. These bolt on to the modified X carriage just fine and even fit the old belt gear moulds reasonably well. I wired up an Arduino driver and got it pulling a heavy acrylic extruder mechanism at just under 1A. The shaft is a little short, but things seem to run smoothly.

Also, I fitted new diagonal braces (the TSA killed most of the originals), using Ed's idea for a slotted diagonal bracket that needs no trapped nut or bolt. It simply used the M8 nuts to compress the bracket onto the 8mm rod. Works so far.

Oh, a Kiwi lasercut RepStrap is taking shape next to it. Hopefully using local suppliers where possible will reduce shipping costs for those in the Oceania region.

Vik :v)

Hi Vic, a few quick questions

Is the Extruder pictured a Bits from Bytes one or a Ponokofied design? Where did you get the stepper from? direct from Lin or have you found a NZ source that's reasonably priced?

Oh, and for those in the US, Ponoko also has an office in San Francisco (for cheaper postage)
It's a Ponokoified one. The SVG files are in users/vik on the RepRap sourceforge SVN repository.

The stepper was, I think, sent over from the US by Forrest. I have found a local agent and am working on prices.

Vik :v)
great news. I'm just starting on the electronics, so I'll be looking for the mech kit soon. I'm in Melbourne, and shipping has been a major hassle so far.
The stepper looks remarkably like the sort you used to get in Full Height Floppy 5.25" floppy disk drives (head stepper) circa IBM PC (16/64) vintage.
So Vik, did you do that extruder design? I just blew up the pic and gave it a hard look. That's a brilliant concept. Hope you don't mind if I steal it pretty much whole cloth. :-D
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