Friday, September 26, 2008


New Board: Sanguino Breakout v1.0

This is a breakout shield for the Sanguino. Similar to the Arduino Breakout Shieldthis board provides screw terminal access to all the pins on a Sanguino.

The board itself is designed for both new Sanguino users, as well as people with a pre-existing Sanguino. There is a full Sanguino footprint on the board. You can either populate all the components and have a single board, or you can populate only the pin headers + screw terminals and plug your Sanguino into the board. Since the space underneath the Sanguino is unused anyway, its like getting a free Sanguino!

Anyway, I sent it off to the board fab today, and will have boards back in about a week. They'll be available on the RRRF store, and kits will follow shortly.

Designs posted to Google Code.

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