Friday, September 26, 2008


New Board: GM3 Noise Suppressor v1.0

One of the things I'd like to improve upon is communicating whats happening in the project and new developments, even if the are not immediately available yet. So, today I'd like to announce a new board that we're sending off a new board to the manufacturers: the GM3 Noise Suppressor.

The GM3 motor is our dc motor of choice for our extruders: its small, fairly cheap, and fairly powerful. It also has dual outputs which is nice. Unfortunately its also a cheap brushed DC motor that generates noise as it runs. One of our team members, Nophead solved this all the way back in October 2007. I'm just now getting around to making a board out of his circuit.

This board will do some cool things in addition to being a noise suppressor:

* It will provide a secure place to attach wires to your motor (either via soldered wire + strain relief, or via screw terminals)
* It will also provide support for the fragile metal tabs on the motor. (The board is intended to be zip-tied to the motor, then the tabs soldered.
* It will provide an easy way to mount/unmount the motor (via screw terminals)

Anyway, we should get prototypes back in 10 days, at which point they'll be available in the RRRF store, shortly followed by kits.


Update: board files released to SourceForge.

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