Tuesday, August 12, 2008


RepRapped Shaft Encoder

I have RepRapped a simple shaft encoder for the direct drive version of the extruder.

Read more about it here: hydraraptor.blogspot.com/2008/08/reprapped-shaft-encoder


Looks good! I like how you are using two of the fairchild chips rather than the magnetic shaft encoder. That reduces the number of kinds of things you have to buy and gets you away from having to cope with surface mounting.

Quick question. You said some time ago that you had ordered a GM-17 like I am using when you ordered some GM-3's. Have you had a chance to look at the GM-17 yet?
No I haven't got a GM-17, must have been someone else! It only has one shaft so harder to use an encoder.

I have calculated that the tiny Jameco steppers will drive an extruder with a 40:1 reduction drive. That means a worm drive or about three spur gears. It would eliminate the need for a shaft encoder and RF supressor, be quieter and last a lot longer.
Cool stuff! We should strap one of those to the Z axis.

Vik :v)
Yes it is probably more suitable for the z-axis than the extruder.
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