Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Extruder alternatives

At Nophead's suggestion I've started a page here on improvements and alternatives in the construction of the polymer extruder.

The first couple of things I've added are a direct drive, which eliminates the need for the flexible coupling:

And a high-temperature heater design using Ian's idea of fire cement that will outperform JB-Weld-bonded ones:

That also uses Zach's thermocouple driver board, rather than a thermistor. This will go higher in temperature, and also gives a linear output. I've also added the code to the Single Arduino firmware to support the thermocouple.

That's looking very nice, Adrian. Has there been any further trouble with that clamp for the PTFE thermal break?
No - not now we put a couple of horizontal pins in to hold it.
I'm just using a single self-tapping screw to enhance the clamp, and that seems to be quite adequate for PLA and CAPA.

Vik :v)
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