Friday, August 08, 2008


Announcing: Sanguino v1.0

I'm super psyched today to announce the Sanguino, a new microcontroller board I've been working on for the past month or so. As you know, we've been using Arduino as the recommended microcontroller to control a RepRap machine now for a while. It works, but we've pretty much maxed it out. The Sanguino is an Arduino-compatible board that boasts 4x the memory, 4x the ram, and 12 extra pins. Its a sweet board that gives us some room to expand while still being completely through-hole for simple assembly.

You can read more about it on the website, or buy a kit from the RRRF for $25.

Sanguino: Arduino's Big Brother from Zach 'Iowa' Hoeken on Vimeo.

Very nice work Zach! Are you going to port the Arduino code that runs the reprap to this board? Pleas say Yes!!!

I'm going to do that just as soon as my Sanguino board arrives...
Excellent news for all of us.
code has already been ported. this baby is 100% compatible with the arduino software. (well, you have to do a minor copy/paste.. read the website for more info)

all the hard work is done =)
oh, the reprap code written for arduino.

it *should* be compatible, the biggest change will probably be changing the pin definitions. luckily we made that in #include file recently.

i'll make a new release soon with the updated code.

For those of us who just invested in an Arduino, will the firmware still support it, at least for a little while? Or will the Sanguino be a required upgrade?


yes, the arduino software will still be supported. both the gcode and SNAP stuff work pretty well, and there are quite a few people using them.

not to mention its all open source, so nobody can ever tell you that it is no longer available and you *must* upgrade. =)

however, the sanguino will allow us to do cooler and better things that the older system cant, but thats the price of progress, eh?
Ah, as one order from RRRF arrives, so another one must be placed. :)

Excellent work, I have a side project being prototyped and developed on the Arduino, and it is hitting the limits of the Arduino's flash memory, it looks like you have come up with the solution to my problems just in the nick of time.

At the ever increasing pace that all things RepRap are moving, I'm expecting to be able to build a rocket ship and visit Mars by the end of the year!
That's year after next.
Excellent work. I'll order that one with my next order! I'm afraid the code will probably exceed that of the arduino soon, 2nd electronics replacement. Oh well... for me this only means more old boards available for other projects :)

You may have some success getting samples from Atmel's distributors (reported here).

A breadboard version of this PDIP chip would also be nice to become more supply independent (as is one of the main RepRap goals).
I ordered two kits last night. This morning when I checked the invoice I discovered the state was wrong in my address, but all else was good. I sent an email to the store owner hoping he can fix that before the order ships.

Anyway, I just thought about the fact that I don't have a direct programmer. Does the atmega644 included in the sanguino kit come with the bootloader preloaded? I hope so.

Regardless I can't wait to get my sanguinos. I building a PoV 120 band audio spectrum analyzer. During the entire design phase thus far my main hitch has been ram (mainly for the display size). This board solves that and sooooo much more.
Hey, how about a Sanguino breakout board next? I really like the screw terminals on the Arduino breakout board you made; it makes messing with my Reprap's wiring so much easier.
Greeting from Japan

Received mine today! seems it got stuck in custom for a week. Strange thing is, I ordered boarduino from ladyada the day before and it took just 7 days to arrived here(From NY via USPS First Class).

The difference? the boarduino package was declare as "Educational Electronic Kits" while the sanguino package was describe as "sample engineering research material"

maybe the custom just hate that engineering word. Anyway, great work Zach!

what is the measurements ?
Any chance of getting that 'Lightbright' sketch?.
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