Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Bits from Bytes RepRap now in Subversion

As many of you will know, Ian's company Bits from Bytes sells a lasercut version of RepRap:

We have now put all the lasercutter DXF files in the RepRap subversion repository (under the GPL like the rest of RepRap) so that anyone with a lasercutter can make one. They are at:


Almost all the parts can be cut in 3mm, 5mm and 8mm acrylic; the file names give the thickness and material you need. (Just two parts are better made in acetal because they need to be slightly flexible.)

In addition we have started to upload the same parts as STL files so that, of course, RepRap machines can make them too. They are in the STLs-for-reprapping/ sub-directory from the above location. Only the extruder is in there at the moment, but we will add the other parts as soon as they have been translated.

Adrian & Ian

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Very nice. I like the clear acrylic. I see quite a few refinements on this: belt tensioner, new extruder, floating bed.
Megacool! :-D
I just noticed something about this. Had to zoom in on the image to see it. With the clear acrylic, you can see where the filament is in the extruder. Very handy for feeding in new pieces.
Dead sexy... d'you do trade ins?
Will it work with wood?
What I want to know is, are there instructions available on how to assemble the parts from the lasercutting into a reprap? Plans are all well and good, but it might be pretty painful to trial-and-error the assembly.
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