Thursday, June 26, 2008


RepRap At OSCON 2008

OSCON 2008
The RepRap Child is heading for OSCON in Portland, Oregon (yes, I'm off to the US of A again). I'm presenting in the last session on Thursday afternoon and will probably set up an impromptu display in the foyer if I can get away with it, so pop in and say "Hi" if you're in the neighbourhood.

Vik :v)

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Sounds fun. We need some videos of them both printing at the same time to demonstrate the power of 2.
Excellent! It was your presentation last year which got me excited about the reprap.
Ah, you are coming to my town!!! I'll definitely drop in and say hi! I'd love to see one of the original two working. I'm presenting my machine at a Dorkbot PDX meeting on Monday the 7th. Informal thing but should be fun. I look forward to seeing you in person.
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