Monday, June 09, 2008


RepRap at the Cheltenham Science Fest

Here is the RepRap stand at the Cheltenham Science Festival, with Nophead, Ian, Vik and Adrian (taking the picture) running out of vocal chords explaining what it's all about. Ed gets an honourable mention for helping to set up, and for manning the stand on the last day. In between he was slightly indisposed owing to his having taken a drink from a stream while on a hike without dropping in a little pill first...

We had both the parent machine (on the left) and the child machine made by the parent (behind Vik) working side by side, the first time this has been done in public.

We were the talk of the show - we lost count of the people who came up saying, "My friend said I'd got to see this," and, "We saw you on TV/in New Scientist and had to come to look." Also we were the stand that all the other staff on the other stands wanted to see.

And finally. Here's a video of a vacuum pump that we designed and built at the exhibition using the RepRap Child machine.

Vik's Venturi Vacuum from Adrian Bowyer on Vimeo.

A big thanks to all reprappers everywhere for making it all so possible so quickly.

Adrian & Vik


Sounds like it was a smashing success. I know the hits on the website easily gone through the ceiling, five times what they were in the middle of May and no sign of dropping off.

If you want a real giggle map against :-p
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