Friday, June 20, 2008


New Board: Opto Isolator v1.0

I'm proud to announce a new board today, the Opto Isolator v1.0. The opto isolator board is an accessory board that will make your electronics safer, contain less noise, and more reliable. An opto isolator is something that isolates 2 circuits electronically, while allowing you to pass signals through. It can protect against power spikes, as well as preventing noise (say from a motor) from passing through to your Arduino. The circuit itself is based on 2 of the HCPL2631 chips providing a 4-channel opto isolator capable of up 2.5kv of isolation, and 10Mbit/sec data transmission. Plus, its a beautiful and symmetric board, not to mention our first RepRap board to use super-awesome IDC headers. Yay!

Check out the full-on documentation today, or pick up a kit from the RRRF.

Ah...too late for HydraRaptor, unfortunately.
May I suggest using color coded header cable. It costs more but adds so much to the esthetics. Plus it makes trouble shooting so much easier.
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