Thursday, June 05, 2008


Full Electronics Kit Now Available

Not only has RepRap achieved a major milestone, but the not-for-profit RepRap Research Foundation has also reached a major milestone: we are now offering a complete kit that contains all the electronics you need to build your own RepRap machine. We've come a long way since starting the Foundation in in May 2007 and have managed to create a business that is useful and awesome.

Looking forward, now that we have achieved replication, 2008 is going to be focused on moving the RepRap technology out of the lab and into production. Our goal is to have printed RepRap parts available for purchase by the Christmas 2008. Soon, anyone who wants access to a cheap, open source, awesome, self-replicating 3D printer will have it!

For the plastic parts, we need a scheme where you buy a set of parts - then (once your machine is working) send back two sets of newly printed parts to get a refund.
So what do I need?
One of these kits, and what else?
Wasn't the plan to use molds for the non-profit store, not print them out? I thought printing out parts was less cost effective and slower than the mold techniques?

Though, it might make sense for you to reprap a mold, create a few hundred parts, and send those in for a refund? ;-)

And, nice for the new electronics package. When do you think you might have a complete kit available? Is the cost still in the ~$400-$500 range for all parts needed?
How goes getting reprap to work with servos instead of stepper motors ?
OK, I ordered one of the kits. Now, how do I go about getting someone with a working RepRap to run off a set of the brackets for me?

Yes, I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for the materials, shipping, and such. I can be contacted at jackb {at sign here) sff (dot here) net...
Congrats, Zach! That's an incredible labour of love you've done there.
I'm seeing that link take me to a page that says "Product not found!" ?!?

I'm also seeing "Product Not Found"
@steve: interesting idea. i'd love to have a refund system like that =)

@aaron: we're working on the rest of the kits. you need an extruder and a 3d positioning system.

@beaglefury: the end goal is to print all the parts. moldmaking was a temporary step.

@christophe: not bad, i'll have more info soon!

@jack: we're working on that part! we're moving the bot out of the lab and into production ;)

@forrest: thanks!! <3

@dave/ian: it sold out! oh no!
How many did kits were there originally? They seemed to sell quite quick.
I will definitly get one of these if the complete Set comes out. Hopefully it can be a chrismas present for me :)
Please let me know ( when more kits are available.

Can we pre-order?
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