Sunday, June 01, 2008


ABS coat hook

I made Adrian's coat hook in ABS for an exhibit at Cheltenham. The only problem is that my machine broke and it took me a week to get it working again. See

This was designed by Adrian, sliced by Enrique's software, extruded though a nozzle made by Adrian. It took about 40 minutes and used about 8g of ABS costing $0.16.


Can you estimate the cost of the electricity to run the RepRap during the production of the coathook?
Forty minutes at maybe 150 watts (which is probably anoverestimate though I'm trying to figure in the parasitic load from running the power supply) and using the ridiculous marginal rate that I pay ($0.22/kwhr) gets you about 2.2 cents. It's significant, but it doesn't really add a lot to Nop's materials cost.

The electricity cost that can make a difference is that for running the PC that runs the printer. That could cost 5-10 cents depending on the PC he was using.
The machine takes about 60W when running if I disconnect the LED lighting which takes another 20W.

The laptop PC I use takes 60W but I plan to run it from my Asus EEE PC when I get chance to try it. That only takes 15W.

Using the laptop that would be 120W for 40 minutes = 0.08KWh which costs about $0.013 in the UK.

So the energy costs were negligible as Forrest concluded.

Ironically it cost more that $1 to post it to Adrian so transport swamps material costs which swamp energy costs.
>Ironically it cost more that $1 to
>post it to Adrian so transport
>swamps material costs which swamp
>energy costs.

Yeah, one thing working on reprap has taught me is that the things you'd think would be expensive when you get into the project are usually not at all the ones that turn out to be.
Vik has a reprapped coat hook in the cupboard under his stairs in New Zealand that he made a few days after I made the first one in the UK. To achieve that, the only thing that moved over the face of the deep was bytes...
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