Friday, May 02, 2008


PLA & Stepper Drivers in NZ

I've got a 30kg test batch of PLA filament ordered up in New Zealand, which I'll distribute at cost. So if you'd like a 100m roll or two, shout up. I'll dispatch overseas, but do check the swingeing NZ Post overseas rates first. A roll is 420mm diameter and about 30mm thick, weighing approx 800g. If you want larger quantities, I'll put another order in for you no problemo.

Also, PMB Electronics of New Zealand now have the L298N and L297 stepper driver chips in stock at reasonable prices and low volumes. Tell 'em Vik sent ya. No, I'm not on commission. I've asked them to consider stocking Arduinos too, but mentioning it again wouldn't hurt :)

Vik :v)

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Apparently, to ship to the US, it's $19 for "International Economy", which is a 10-25 business day delivery time.


how much would the raw filament cost for a roll?

I am interested in the price because I have been working too to set up a European supplier for the filament too. Would be good to compare the price difference...

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