Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Arduino Firmware v1.3 Released

* overhauled stepper motor timer interrupt routines
* updated stepper speed to completely emulate PICs
* added thermistor table support
* added support for extruder valves

* moved to init file for configuration
* overhauled message receiving system
* add stepper disable safety check
* overhauled and improved gcode string parsing
* added support for G2/G3 arc codes
* added support for averaging temp readings
* added support for thermocouples
* initialization process is much better
* removed need for external libraries
* added experimental support for an extruder encoder

Download it from SourceForge

Thanks Zach for this new frimware!

From what I can see, most of code is now moving to GCode?
Does it mean the library folder will not be needed for Arduino soon?

I've merged your changes on the git repo:

Please remind me on how to checkout the git repo

Can I also get command line based build tools ?

Many thanks
Phil Wilshire
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