Friday, April 18, 2008


Shaving The Yak

Lots of things got in the way of other things this week. I broke a couple of corner brackets and my PC now runs out of memory before it can print a new one. I've dragged a beefy laptop into the workshop to try over the weekend.

As part of this, due to an amazing piece of Yak Shaving, I have now committed the plywood RepRap files in SVG format to Sourceforge. They're not complete, and there is no changelog. So obviously, that needs to be fixed for a start!

The original 4mm ply design is there, my 4.4mm attempts so far are there, and an MDF-based design that's not very Darwin-compatible is in the development stages. I haven't tried printing that last one out on Ponoko yet, and it's only half complete.

But I'd really like to get the parts I've made on the real RepRap together into a working machine, so for the moment I've released these files in their incomplete state for the enthusiastic among you to tinker with. Enjoy.

Vik :v)

PS The brass cup for the metal extruder looks like it might be easily made by tapping into the end of a 3/4" or 1" brass piping endcap and bolting the barrel on.

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Is there a problem with PLA being to brittle?
Only if stressed parts are not printed densely. Some thickening is needed as it isn't as durable as ABS, and it will stress fracture.

Vik :v)
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