Saturday, April 12, 2008


RepRap in Oslo

With lots of hand-waving, obviously...

I was asked to give a keynote at Go Open 2008 in Oslo. The conference had other keynotes from the likes of Chris DiBona, the Open Source Program Manager at Google, and Simon Phipps, the Chief Open Source Officer at Sun. RepRap was well-received, and the conference as a whole was both very good and very well-organized. There should be a video, which I'll link from the RepRap video page as soon as it is available.

I had a little spare time, which I used to make contacts with a group who are concerned to shift free technology into the developing world (more on that if we can set up a collaboration), and also to make friends with a local:

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Welcome back! Looks like you're making the big time. I can't think of anybody who deserves it more. :-)
Thanks Forrest. Met (again) Chris DiBona of Google, who - in talking to one of the Norwegian Government people with whom we had lunch - coined the sentence that now heads the quotes on the home page (I got his permission to use it).
"Think of RepRap as a China on your desktop."

Damned good quote! Drop the "a" before the "China" and it's punchier still.

Sometime (not now), I'd like an introduction to Chris, since he is literally just up the coast from where I live. :-)
Had any specific developing countries in mind? As a proto-reprapper in Peru, I'd be really interested in establishing a community here :)
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