Wednesday, April 02, 2008


New Board: Arduino Breakout v1.1

I recently finished a new board for the RepRap arsenal: its a 'breakout shield' for the Arduino that gives you screw terminal headers for all the pins (as well as extra terminals for all the voltages/gnd.)

Its quite useful, and available from the RRRF store (kit coming soon!)

Not sure if it can help but I'm developing an Arduino shield for three bipolar stepper motors.

I have done the electronic design but I'm not planning on making a pcb though.

I've used Adafruit motor shield that supports two stepper motors and two RC servos. This one is available as a kit.

There is a guy in Spain who makes an Arduino board with your shield on a single board
If link does not work search for "Arduclema" on eBay.


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