Monday, April 14, 2008


An iPod in your Ford

My wife Christine bought a cheap iPod mount that clips into the air vent on her Ford Fiesta. But that means that she can't use the air vent, plus the iPod gets cooked when she has the car heater on.

The dash also has a place to clip coins in (presumably for bribing traffic policemen...) that she never uses. So I designed one of these in AoI and made it in my home RepRap machine:

It pretends to be three coins in the right places to fit in the coin-clip, plus a bracket onto which the holder can be bolted. The picture at the top shows it working.

The tombstone coins are a bit woolly as I'm just back from Oslo and didn't have time to reset my machine from the experiments I was doing before I went away.

Also see a blog from Ed and Ian on controlling polymer flow shortly...

The design for the bracket is in the RepRap repository here.


Now we're getting down to what will make a Darwin worth it's weight in gold.
Is this the first example of an object being produced by a RepRap for reasons other than a demonstration or making another RepRap?
That depends on what you mean by "demonstration".
It was certainly my first commission to make something. At the Oslo conference Christine described herself (and Vik's Suz) as "RepRap widows", so I thought I ought to make her something, and she needed this in a hurry...
This most important part of this creation is that it justifies the time spent to the most important person: She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed (SWiMBO).
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