Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Hello Slashdotters

We've been Slashdotted thanks to an article in ComputerWorld. A quick update on the state of play: I have now fabricated all the parts of the RepRap except the Z flag which is probably easier to just cut out of the side of a beer can. I've taken delivery of the steel rod for the frame, and the driver parts from Jaycar turned up this morning. So, all systems are go - except I have to be in Wellington for the next two days. The suspense is killing me!

GPL Note: Yes, we know the GPL doesn't cover hardware. That's why we're releasing hardware "In the spirit of" the GPL. We know about TAPR but it's not right for us at this point. It's complicated.

Vik :v)

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So, will you assemble the second printer and have them both produce RepRap parts?
Congrats, Vik! So how many hours did it finally take to print all that? :-)
Will I have them both going? Yes, and that'll be a fun challenge from a software perspective!

Forrest, I hate to think how long it took.

Vik :v)
Vik, you're my hero.

I'm so jazzed I gotta go work off my adrenalin in the greenhouse.

Everybody have a repraperific day!
"Forrest, I hate to think how long it took."

ROTFLMAO! Is that the number you want me to quote?
Of course, now it's just a matter of geometric progression. Two RepRaps can produce a third in half the time the first one took - three will make the fourth in a third of the time. Pretty soon either the entire mass of the solar system will be made up of RepRap machines...or Vik's going to run out of threaded rod.

Let's just hope it's the latter!

Congrats on a well-deserved slashdotting!

i need information about reprap in colombia or venezuela
it´s here anyone that could "interchange" information to make the machine...

please someone answer to
Hi Tierra,

I do not know of any reprapper from Columbia or Venezuela, but you can try requesting a local reprap group by posting in the "Create a forum for Example_Town, Example_Country?" thread at:

saying something like:


I'm Tierra,
(contact info, maybe)

Would you please create a forum for my balmy home region of Columbia and Venezuela?


Forrest Higgs, Michael Hart, Brett Bellmore, Jonathan Marsden, and Zach Smith are all from Columbia.

However, I don't know of any from Colombia.


(sorry, I couldn't resist.)
Vik - sorry for the delay, but as you know I've been away so I missed the post. That is perfection :-)

The first practical replicated machine - book the display case in the Te Papa Museum.

(Not yet though - let's use it first...)
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