Sunday, March 16, 2008


Coupling Issues Solved

I've replaced the X belt gear (hand-moulded perfectly first time) and strapped an old CPU fan onto the stepper. That takes care of cooling the X axis. Following that repair, I successfully printed a modified Y Motor Coupling and fitted it to the Darwin RepRap.

Using the new part, I then printed another identical coupling - so we know it lasts long enough to at least replicate itself. Note that the end away from the motor is somewhat thicker and there is a ridge running between the two grub screw holes. Here is one propped up by the working coupling on a pair of tweezers. Temperature graphs show motor temperatures halting below 45C, so the coupling issues seem solved.

The End?

Vik :v)

Best of luck, and great work so far!
Add fan to the list of things we need to Rep!
Nice to see some examples of self-repair/self-organ-replacement going on. Seems like a natural step between the inert, inorganic collection of parts and a "living" reprap.
nophead: We need a fan anyway for cooling the workpiece. The stepper cooling fan should go away when we move to DC servos.

Vik :v)
Fans can also be salvaged from all the junk electronics out there, so they are pretty much free.
Yeah, where do you think mine came from :)

It'll be good to get rid of them eventually though.

Vik :v)
This is pretty neat, have u managed to print any other parts such as corner brackets?
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