Friday, March 14, 2008


While coupling, I killed the X axis

Well, it appears I've been running at speed through good grace & fortune. After doing the graph in the previous post, my X axis belt gear disintegrated. It got too hot. Why pick now? Because the fan I put over the Y axis motor was previously used to cool the extruder motor. That didn't need cooling in the end, so I relocated the fan.

Bad move.

Half of the exhaust from the extruder motor cooling fan (installed because it has a CAPA bracket) blew directly at the X axis motor - and kept it below CAPA melting point. Igor move fan. Igor's gear melt.

So, now I have to strip the X motor bracket, make a new X motor gear, and fit a fan to the X motor before continuing. Bugger, as we say in New Zealand. Positive outlook: I've shown fans do stop CAPA RepRap parts from melting, and there is still cold beer in the fridge.

Vik :v)

Bummer! :-(
No kidding. Photo added for dramatic effect.

Vik :v)
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