Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Software fixed. Many new special bugs introduced...

I did a foolish thing. I fixed a bug in the Java host code (in the bit that algebraically simplifies CSG expressions) and, instead of just checking that back in, I also spent some time tidying the code, then tested it, then checked in the lot. That gave Subversion revision 1333.

Unfortunately my tidying introduced several new exciting features that many users would have found not entirely helpful that were not apparent in my testing... Sorry.

Now (with Zach's help - thanks), the code has been reverted back to the version that worked, to which I have applied just my CSG fix.

The current revision is 1369. It's not perfect. But it's a lot better than 1333...

Next thing: fix the memory management...

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LOL! Entropy in computer code is a fearsome thing. :-D
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