Thursday, February 21, 2008


Coupling Breakage Update & Images

As you can see, the Y-motor coupling broke near the grub screw closest to the Y motor. It had printed pretty much an entire RepRap before it failed, I should point out.

So the replacement PLA part fared little better. It deformed but didn't crack up over 20 mins or so of constant operation - trying to print another Y motor coupling, of course. The red mark is merely a leftover from me marking the length of the grub screw.

An attempt to patch it with a couple of hose clamps and some thick PVC pipe 6mm ID (normally used for hydroponics systems) also failed. After a while, the PVC softened and the coupling went all soggy.

I'll try a piece of Teflon. Hmm, nope, too weak - tap tears out. Teflon & hose clamps holding the grub in place, promising...

Vik :v)

Have you tried reinforced pvc? You know, the stuff with braided thread in it (I think the thread is nylon)? You see it in garden hose & some medium-high pressure pipe like on plant sprayers with a separate nozzle.
Teflon, grubs and clamps seem to be working for the moment - some experimentation clearly required.

Vik :v)
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