Sunday, January 20, 2008


Z Axis Kebab Printed

Just finished a Corner Bracket, Bed Constraint Bracket and its insert. I've stuck them all on the same rod, and the centre of the insert does line up with the corner bracket's hole. Bolts are now sliding in without having to attack things with a power drill.

Missing from the collection is the Z studding tie, which gives our software a little trouble - Adrian is working on it. Meanwhile I'm extruding Darwin parts with my PLA extruder on Darwin at just over 4cc/hr.

And just for Ed, another close-up shot of that corner bracket.

Vik :v)

Superb! Can we see more shots of that corner bracket?
All of a sudden, things seem to be moving quite quickly!
YES! :-D
:-) :-)
No problemo Ed, new one added to this post. Love the opto bracket - I'll have a go too!

And yes, Tom. We are now rapidly producing parts. The software went through a dramatic improvement just over a week ago improving both quality and speed. The team has been working quite hard for some time, it's just that the results are not always immediately visible.

Vik :v)
This is such great news... have any tests been run on the mechanical properties of the fabbed PLA parts? If this plastic is sufficiently strong, I'd say we're nearly there!
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