Sunday, January 06, 2008


Paste Extruder water tests.

Here's a quick video of Kate and I testing our copy of Adrian's Paste Extruder prototype. We've loaded it up with 50ml water and excessive pumping.

Adrian has also made some beta firmware that we hope to get out there soon, using the PIC16F648A CPU. I've stuck it in my Darwin and seem to be able to make things extrude.

Darwin now has a snug carry-case, and I hope to test it out on a trip to Wellington in the near future.

Vik :v)

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NICE Blog :)
How does paste support the plastic filament, do you need to wait for it to set? Otherwise, I would have thought it would let the filament move around.

Certainly HDPE can only be extruded onto something it sticks to. Does CAPA behave differently?
CAPA sticks to quite a lot. We need to experiment with various pastes to see which works best. I have high hopes of Fine Surface PolyFilla...
"Yeth, marthter" -Igor.
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