Friday, January 18, 2008


Extrusion at different temps

For a speed of 188 (8.81 V) on the Solarbotics 12V version of the GM3 motor, I tried extruding CAPA at different temps. Temps are recorded using the extruder's thermocouple:

It's good to see quite a tight distribution of trends here, as high filament temp eases the load on the extruder, however, it's worth bearing in mind Vik's previous comment: "Be wary of running over 100C. If your plastic has absorbed moisture, you may get steam bubbles. If they're small, no problem. If large, they interrupt the feed of fine extrusions."

That seems to translate to about 5g/hr - slightly more than what I've got coming out of the PLA extruder. I've got plenty of torque though. Maybe I should try a 100:1 gearbox?

Vik :v)
I'm just about to try experiments at lower speed to see if I can up the quality. I think quality at high speed is tough until the segment pausing bug disappears completely: at high speeds the segment printing and pause dumping ratio makes dumping significant, but at low speed, the dump time becomes almost negligible... we shall see.
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