Monday, January 21, 2008


Extruder feedback

The RepRap electronics already have the facility for extruder feedback but we haven't got round to implementing it yet. Today Adrian and I got onto it. We decided to go for a fringe for the drive cog. While this wont pick up backlash it does have a much higher capacity for resolution.

The opto sensor part would go well on a controller for the Z axis using a DC motor...

Vik :v)
Thats genius!

I love the idea of using something we already have made and documented for a different purpose!

All hail modularity!
Backlash shouldn't be a problem unless you're wanting to run the motor backwards - and even then, you can probably just guess and get far enough back. Backlash is mostly an issue for situations where you are going in both directions or there isn't the right sort of resistence - neither of which is this system. The usual trick for a manual mill is to just go at everything you want precise in the same direction, and then put the brake on... this is always coming at it in the same direction, so there shouldn't be a problem.

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