Sunday, December 09, 2007


A Wet Weekend in Taupo

Not a bad weekend, actually. Participated into a project to build an impressive electric racing car (the Saker EV) in NZ, which meant attending a conference in Taupo for a couple of days. So, not much reprapping done, but I have at oh-dark-hundred managed to get the thing going like it was before I messed with it. I just changed too much at once without proving my new extruder barrel first.

So I'm now reprapping a V1.0 diagonal tie bracket, which is not very well shaped for single material printing. I've run one off anyway, just to test the machine while fixing up the corner bracket, and it's nearly finished. As it prints internal overhangs, it is creating this amazing "spaghetti-filled cavern" effect...

Hope to print a V1.1 and restart the changes more slowly by sticking in just the new X axis PIC.

Vik :v)

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