Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Experimental firmware working

I have now imported Andreas's improvements and corrections to the PIC firmware into Simon's experimental autoconf version of the code for the PIC16F648A. It all compiles, and - when put in a RepRap machine - works (at least it did for me...).

If you want to download it it's at

You should probably also look at Simon's instructions on the forum at:,3861,3862

We need to do a bit more testing. Then if this all pans out OK this'll become the Subversion trunk version and we'll do a release.

The compiled .hex files (remember they're for a PIC16F648 or PIC16F648A, not a PIC16F628) can be downloaded from here. Unless you have more than one extruder on your RepRap, you can ignore the file extruder_1_.hex.

By putting this:

#define TESTLEN 53
static byte testArray[TESTLEN];

void init2()
testArray[TESTLEN-1] = 1;

in stepmotor2.c and increasing TESTLEN until the linker barfs I deduce that we have a whole 53 extra bytes to play with in the stepper code now!

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I just tried running the heat profiler with the latest firmware. The temperature reading looked good and I didn't run into any IO errors.Something odd with the heater control, though. Any power setting above 63 seemed to be dropping out. I'd see the LED flickering at what looked like a reasonable duty cycle, then fade to nothing for a while, then back again.
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